Wednesday, November 3, 2010

HIATUS over ... pulled that outta my seventh grade vocabulary ;)

No excuses here, haven't even been busy ... just wanna get back into the blogging world! I figured this would be a great way for me to experiment with products I already have - trying to rediscover my faves and give life to prior fails :)

AKA I'm on a budget - I had been doing good but Sephora's Friends and Family 20% was burning a hole through my pocket & I finally caved and placed not one but 2 orders via internet tonite. I usually place in $50 amounts to take advantage of samples or numerous freebie codes but tonite I placed one large order and then after digging around on makeupalley (my new love affair). I found swatches of the $10 NARS duo Wicked and Cheyenne and had 10mins to rack up my order to $50. May sound easy but I wanted to keep it as close to $50 as possible and I made it literally without a minute to spare! I kept looking @ the clock, clicking as fast as possible and my order placement was right @ 12:59 am (I had the convenience of being Central Time - worked as a disadvantage to my checking).

Anyway I think I'm going to hold out and do a haul once my box lands on my doorstep ;)

This past wkend was Halloween, just incase you have been living under a rock - my ideas started with everyone telling me to be Jersey Shore's Snooki to Kat Von D (wayyy too light for my skintone) to resorting to my highschool cheerleading uniforms (somewhere between graduatuion and now I got an ass - could button and get on the shell but my butt hung out horribly) and asking guy friends to borrow their football jerseys ... final result???

Drumroll please ... LADYBUG!!! Was completely inspired (& copied for that matter) Dulce Candy's tutorial :) I was all about the makeup and being girly this Halloween and had a blast creating it!

My girlfriend since middle school, Bridget - nothing but trouble when we use to get together back in the day and I'm happy to say NOTHING HAS CHANGED :) She was a Black-eyed 'P' ... she wore a black shirt with a gold 'P' on it and she was so darn cute! The best part of my costume was the makeup ... it was very last minute (I was scheduled to close @ the mall but my lovely manager let me leave early) and one of my coworkers ran around the mall for me looking for lady bug wings - she found child ones @ Claires along with headband antennas for me! They worked but I just wore black shirt and leggings and black heels for the rest of the costume.

P.S. this even surprised me, I had NO RED EYESHADOW in my stash!!! I mean, I don't recall ever wanting one but I figured even last year's Blockbuster Palette by Sephora would have something close ... NADA! So I spurged on a MUFE shadow :( Gotta find a use for this darn thing!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

LashGASM Coming Up!!!

Today there was an extra special surprise waiting for me in my mailbox --- actually TWO!
Probably about a month ago, I was informed that Too Faced was holding a contest for - gosh, I don't even remember what the specific reason was but the 1st 200 contestants would receive a LashGASM mascara --- well I got two!
I'm not sure how new the mascara is but I'm excited to try it and and give my review shortly!
They are fullsized and retail for $21 so I'm quite excited that all I had to do was enter a picture and submit my email address and WHAM BAM, THANK YOU TOO FACED - I have 2 Full Sized LashGASM Mascaras to try out :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some Fun in the Dark --- Too Faced Style

Gotta, Have to Share with ya'll! I am BEYOND IN LOVE with this TOO FACED PALETTE!!!

It's Too Faced Fun in the Dark and it's CURRENTLY @ SEPHORA for ONLY $16.50!!!


Lemme say that I have never been a Too Faced Addict --- I swear by their Too Faced Shadow Insurance but that's about it. I have tried their Glamour to Go II but the shadows were ehhh to say it best and liked the blush and the lippies but that's as far as my love affair with Too Faced went.

Then I saw this DEAL on Sephora under 'Sale' and couldn't wait to be my hands on it ... LITERALLY CHECKED my TRACKING INFO EVERYDAY WAITING FOR MY PACKAGE

I fell for the shadows INSTANTLY - even the sorta yellow toned white shadow, Pin Up impressed me. It also includes 3 more shadows --- Peep Show (beigey pink), Full Frontal (shimmering deep brown), and Lucky Charms (deep green).

The palette also includes 2 cheekers --- Papa Don't Peach (peachy shimmering blush that HAS TO COMPLIMENT EVERY LADY) and Sun Bunny (subtle, buildable bronzer half and half of light and a hint darker).

Then there are two lippies --- lipgloss that I'm not drooling over Tropical Pink (pink, though mine is half clear/half pink sparkly gloss) and Free Love a perfect beige pink nude lip stick that I would love to buy full size!

Anywho, I finally decided to let ya'll know about htis --- though you had to of seen it on Sephora for a good month. I just bought another one last nite! AAAHHHHH! I know right, a lil' overkill perhaps but I might give it as a gift too --- NOT, lol.

I know it sucks I have no swatches but I guarantee the pics are true to life ... I will try and put up swatches --- I feel like I contaminate and waste makeup but doing that but I will get over it ;)

Oh, and minor detail - it lights up too.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Target Nite - BULLSEYE!!!

After work I had the urge to do some drugstore beauty shopping! I hit up Walgreens - mainly to look at Wet N Wild's new shadow palettes and then across the street to Walmart. Didn't pick up anything from either places.
I decided to stop in quick to Target in search of some of those beautiful orange stickers ;) Gotta love the end of aisle clearance!
Not much to type about - only found a Maybelline shadow quad in Limited Edition Just Peachy for $2 (very pretty and fresh) and a Swirled Cosmetics kabuki brush for $1.50 that is TDF!!!
The Most Beautiful Set I Have Ever Seen In Target's Beauty Aisle!!!
I have never tried ELF's Studio line but have only heard the best about it. I snatched up so many things I was a lil' embarrassed, lol.
In the end, I settled on
8 Custom Eye Shadows in Sage, Pink Ice, Truly Pink, Dusk, Moondust, Periwinkle, Ivory, Mocha
2 Custom Compacts for ^^^ Custom Eye Shadows
3 Studio 2 in 1 Conditioning Glosses in Perfect Pink, Supermodel, Love It
1 Studio Blush in Mellow Mauve
1 Eyelash Curler
1 Studio Fan Brush
1 Pack of Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths (keep in bag for unexpected overnites, lol)
I believe that's all I grabbed from the ELF section :)
From what I have swatched so far, the shadows seem high quality - very pigmented and these aren't even from the Studio line!
Love the 2 in 1 Conditioning Glosses - already applied 2 of the 3 I bought! Goes on smooth and feels GREAT! Not sticky in the least!
The blush also seems to be great, not too pigmented but definitely buildable ...
Can't wait for tomorrow morning when I get to test some of this stuff out :) It's gonna be hard to decide what I wanna wear!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring Greening Reusable Straw Palette

I'm so excited to talk about Tarte's Spring Greening (cute play on 'cleaning', huh) Palette :)

This is my first time trying Tarte - I actually got the shadows confused with a Lorac palette that I got for my birthday (back in February - review to come) & ordered SEVERAL Tarte products when I saw Sephora had them ridiculously clearanced --- AND CURRENTLY ARE STILL AVAILABLE FOR ONLY $20

Six Shadows, 3 Glosses, & One (pretty good) brush all in a reusuable straw (yet, sturdy) case - that's a mouthful!

I'm gonna talk about the shadows, gloss, and brush bc to be quite honest, I didn't purchase due to the case being 'reusable' lol.

The shadows are GORGEOUS! They are a bit more sheer than I had expected but I'm liking that - definitely NOT Urban Decay nor Kat Von D ... BUT, I'm thinking with a heavy hand you could pop these colors up a bit.

The colors in the picture ^ taken from are VERY TRUE to real life. They are very, oh what am I looking for here ... girly, carefree - gives me that summer feel where anything goes and everything is laidback ;) The colors all compliment each other so well, this is all you are gonna need for eye makeup - I've even used the shadows as liner.

I use primer before applying ANY SHADOW --- but lemme tell you, this stuff lasted throughout a day of work AND a 9hr truckin' drive (to drop off cattle - I've gone country for a man AND I LOVE IT *wink wink) & still looked amazing!

Do have to mention, I was a bit surprised with the size of each shadow - they were slightly smaller than I expected and although I haven't dug hard on Sephora, I'm GUESSING these are NOT FULLSIZE --- but seriously, I have NEVER HIT PAN w a SHADOW ... but trying, lol. I would say they are about penny size.

I will definitely be purchasing Tarte shadows in the future.

The glosses are once again, small but I only needed to dip the wand once (when I pulled the wand outta the gloss) for a full application on my lips! The colors are also true to the picture and are girly and natural - just a tint of color.

It says the glosses have a vanilla scent - MAYBE. I'm not sure if I noticed a scent at all - @ least no chemical scent :)

The brush has a bamboo handle and is really cute. It's NOT the BEST QUALITY but for a brush coming in a kit - I GIVE IT PROPS! I apply a wash of color with it on my lids and brows and then move onto my Sigma brushes for creasing and lining.

Would DEFINITELY SUGGEST to others --- with the price you can't go wrong!

I feel like I'm gonna jinx it by giving it 5 stars so I'm gonna say, for that reason alone ...

****4 stars outta 5

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just Three Things

TAG! I'M IT! :)

Three names I go by: ashley, ash, carter

Three jobs I have had: baseball stadium (loved it), elementary afterschool program, Coach

Three places I have lived: House, Townhouse, Dorm

Three favorite drinks: Water, Tropicana Orange Juice w/ Calcium, Liquid Cocaine (SoCo, Amarreto, Orange & Pinapple Juice)

Three TV shows I watch: Real Housewives, Big Bang Theory, Ghost Adventures

Three places I have been: Bahamas, California, Caribbean

Three places I would like to visit: New York, Spain, Paris

Three favorite old TV shows: I Love Lucy, The Nanny, Get Smart

Three favorite dishes: Grill Chicken with Lemon Pepper & Lemon Juice, Pasta with Chicken & Broccoli, Steak

Three makeup/beauty products I cannot live without: Mascara, Moisturizer, Oil blotting sheets

Three things I’m looking forward to: Summer, a special someone ;) & 4th of July

Three people I tag: anyone who reads this!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Likes, Love, & Hates

The rules are as followed:-
You have to share 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates!
Like flip flop tanline in the summer
... the lil' kids I get to see every wkday
... listening to other people
... flowers and green grass and sunny skies
... people watching
... wearing legging capris every chance I get
... especially for COACH
... old, OLD movies we're talking techincolor here ;)
... VS PINK Boyfriend sweats with tees
... laughing with friends
... headbands - ahh the cure to any hair dilema
... Juicy Couture jewelry
Hate guys who are reckless with a girl's heart
... windy days
... jeans they stretch out wayyy to easily
... wasting money
... Sunday nites :(
... wearing swimsuits
... humid days
... broken promises

& The Blog Must Continue ...

Wow I can't believe I have been gone this LONG!

Unfortunately, this isn't going to be a beauty blog as I'm not at home and really can't think of any beauty goodies to blog about at the moment.

First of all, can't believe how far into 2010 we are already! I decided to make a list of 10 Amazing Somethings in 2010 but my list has yet to even begin :( I've gotten outta some rather what could have been sticky situations and am loving life once again!

I'm starting to focus on my education, AGAIN (I went for 3 yrs after highschool and then was beyond burnt out). Still not eager to go back to school but I wanna start doing something with my life and have found out the hard way that it's pretty difficult to get the ball rolling without some kind of college degree. And when the time comes that there is that special someone who I'm crazy about (or rather he is crazy enough to wanna romantize me for the rest of my life) I wanna be able to build a life WITH him and contribute.

Sooo, that is where I am at right now. Trying to work on my spending habits - where the heck did my savings account go??? It was here just last summer, lol. I'm gonna try and be on here more like when I first discovered but it will not be like, 'Sephora Haul' lol

Sunday, February 28, 2010

She was a Smart Girl ... Until She Fell in Love :(

I have been MIA for quite a bit or at best, not posting as often as I would like. When I do get in the mood to post I have been lacking in pics and detail. I'm going to make more effort on this thing or it's like, what is the point in having this ...
Lately, I've just been doing a lot of positive thinking and regrouping myself. No sob story here, but recently, I have gotten outta one tough relationship. We have parted ways and I'm beginning to look out for my best interest instead of what I thought was gonna be "our best interest". I just let love get the best of me and ignored every lil' voice I heard in the back of my mind for the past year and half. I'm rebuilding myself financially (yep, stupid me thought "oh, if I can help him pay off some things it'll help US"), and mentally (some guys are nothing but the filth that pigs roll around in @ best).
For this reason, I just haven't been on here as much and when I do get a moment to log on and post it's much of a ramble. Alright, so that is that and I'm so excited for what's up ahead and to have my little "selfish time" after trying to solve the problems of another when he couldn't even take interest in his own life.

Too Faced ... I would have to agree

I'm talking about Too Faced Shadow Insurance --- which I have been a fan of for almost a year. Well, all of a sudden it has stopped working!!! You have no clue how frustrated I am. My eyelids have never been able to keep shadow on w/out creasing until I found this stuff. Now, one eyelid in particular has had trouble creasing around the inner corner and to say it's pissing me off is putting it mildly.
What the heck happened??? (today I had it on for 4 hrs when I noticed the creasing) Any advice??? I have a sample of Urban Decay Primer Potion but haven't used it enough to decide if I like it more. I like the tube more than the "genie bottle" and that's why I originally chose TFSI over UDPP ... how do you apply your eye primer??? Perhaps I have began to rub it in too much and should just be patting it lightly on my eyelid???
For another update: Purchased MAC Studio Tech Foundation at a discount beauty store --- HATE IT! I tried it today and didn't even finish applying it to my face before I grabbed a makeup remover cloth ... I will admit, I shouldn't have bought this type of foundation but good lord this stuff was horrible for coverage and for overall look :( Perhaps I will give it another try but I have a feeling it will sit back in my makeup storage for quite a while before I decide to risk a day's worth of makeup on it again.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Know It's Been A While But I'm Glad You Came ...

haha, if you are a Britney fan ^^that^^ should sound familar.

It's been brought to my attention that I have been lacking on blogging and I feel guilty. For me, I have to be in the mood and (of course) have something to blog about. If you saw my bathroom cabinets you would be like, "girl, get blogging!"

Back in November, I dove into NYX Cosmetics - well actually let's call it a Belly Flop w/ a HUGE SPLASH! My order was over 3lbs!!! CRAZY - especially b/c I had NEVER seen/tried NYX before only heard reviews on youtube and through blogs.

Well, I have finally put a dent in some of the products ...

NYX The Caribbean Collection 5 Color Eyeshadow Palette - I Dream of Jamaica

  • HOLY GRAIL --- flippin love this palette *** gorgeous netural/smokey eyes - you can do either with this palette

  • Application is simple and Blending is quick and easy

  • The darker shadows can be used for lining *** one of the shadows can be used as a highlighter & inner corner of eyes

  • Great Pigmentation - a lil' goes a LONGGG way

No joke - I said HOLY GRAIL!!! I have already had scary thoughts about what I would do if I were without this palette.

It goes w/out saying for me that IF I REVIEW SHADOWS WITH RAVE REVIEWS --- Staying Power is Great!!! *** I ALWAYS USE PRIMER before applying shadow so staying power based on the shadow alone I NEVER CONSIDER

***Pics to come!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MAC Foundation Update

Tonight I got on MAC's website to chat with a MAC Makeup Artist to see if they could not only steer me in the right direction on what type of liquid foundation to use but also to see if they could help me with a shade choice.

The outcome?
Rebekah said to go with MAC STUDIO FIX FLUID and shade NW 35

Lol, I had to describe what celeb my skintone was closest with (not expecting that one) - JESSICA ALBA and if my veins were blue or green - BLUE

I don't know, I think I will stick with NW (neutral warm - I have pink undertones) but go a number lower (NW 25) or so ... it seems dark b/c it's one of the last shades pictured

Now I just need the paycheck to try these out!

Special THANK YOU GOES OUT TO BOOBOO & LORIEN BEAUTYLOVE for their much appreciated comments :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

MAC Foundation ... Help Please!

I need your help! I wanna try some of the sets that MAC has on their website, I don't know if they are holiday sets (so they won't be available that much longer) or ones that are always listed.
I have never swatched or even been in a MAC store so I have no clue what color foundation to get. Currently I wear Laura Geller's Phenomenal Foundation in Medium and Maybelline 24hr Color Stay Foundation in Nude and Stila Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation in shade D ... are any of you a match out here??? What would you suggest for MAC Foundation???
Here are the kits I am looking @: (click on them to be sent to MAC's Website)
Are these sets good deals???

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Are you kidding me ...

Through January 25th NYX is having a sort of "Dollar Days"

There are so many goodies online for ONLY A DOLLAR!!! You would not believe how many items I had in my shopping cart - Everything I clicked into my shopping cart was only $1 and my total was well over $20 (I figured I might as well take advantage of eyeshadows and lipglosses for only a buck).

But sadly, when I went to check out - there is only one shipping option for South Dakota (might be more options depending on where you live) and it was over $15 so basically I was no longer getting such a good deal :(

AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF --- NYX mentions in lil red print that it could take up to 30 DAYS for your goodies to come to your doorstep!!! ARE YOU FRICKIN' KIDDING ME?! I guess when a sale is going on you have to sacrifice a lot just to get your "bargain"

I would normally place a link when I talk about something specific - especially a sale but I'm so frickin' torked off that there is no way I am ordering OR SUPPORTING NYX by adding a link. I don't think so!

So I guess I didn't need all that junk but oh boy how much fun would it have been to open up that box of beauty goodies!!! I will stick with where I have ordered my NYX products from in the past - plus they give you points for the dollars you spend ... like Sephora, it takes a while to get the points rolling but hey @ least it's something.

On another note, I have gone crazy with Coach purchases lately - seriously swear I am getting paid in Coach :S Plus I need to ramble about my $10 Steals from Sephora ...

Until next time, can't wait to read all your guys latest blogs :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kathy Van Zeeland Sale!

I'm going through my closet and now it's time to give my Kathy Van Zeeland collection a better home. All my bags are USED but in NEW CONDITION - I "baby" my bags :) There is even a purple wallet that goes perfectly with the purple flower handbag!

I'm not setting any prices but I am taking reasonable offers. If you are interested please let me know by leaving me a comment or if you would rather email me for more pictures my email is I will accept payment through Paypal.

^^^ Purple Flowers SOLD ^^^

Saturday, January 9, 2010

You know it's FRICKIN' FREEZIN' when ...

Wow, this is crazy! I can't even tell you how many posts I have done lately but I have one last random post. I live in South Dakota (yep, it's SOUTH of NORTH DAKOTA) & no we don't live in Teepees (even the Native Americans have moved into houses) and we haven't rode around in covered wagons since the days of Laura Ingalls Wilder. We DO NOT however, have a SEPHORA - in that way South Dakota is definitely behind every other state (nearest one is in Omaha or the Twin Cities).
ANYWHO, it's currently - 18 (that lil' line in front of the 18 is NOT A DASH it's a NEGATIVE) degrees outside & that's not windchill!!! School hasn't been in session for the past 2 days because it's just too darn cold outside (school hasn't been cancelled in YEARS). It's not even considered a snow day, though we definitely have enough of it ... the weather has been breaking records lately. News reporters are saying that people should be outside for no more than 4 minutes at a time as to not get frostbite.
I think you get the picture. Someone here in Sioux Falls decided to chuck some hot water outta a cup and into the freezing cold air outside ... see the video here. The result - the water freezes into snowy dust before it even starts to fall to the ground!!! I thought this was so crazy that not only did I try it (yep, it works!) but I also woke up my mom around 1am just to show her :) It's amazing and I do believe South Dakota Department of Tourism should advertise it as a "Don't Miss Experience" right along with Wall Drug in a brochure! (click here if you haven't a clue what WALL DRUG is - seriously, there are signs all over the world saying how many miles 'til you reach Wall Drug)

Friday, January 8, 2010

like a Proud Momma ...

Where or where to begin ...
Introducing THE SPILL CANVAS, a group of amazingly talented guys from my hometown. They have gone so far already and I'm so happy for them. To make a LONG story SHORT - Nick (lead singer) started out as Spill Canvas while in highschool. His early stuff is amazing, I use to go and support him at our local coffee shops around town - little did I know back then what a boy sitting with up front with his guitar and a small table displaying his burned cds would turn into.
Nick tried the solo thing and another group but waited for 3 more bandmates (Joe, Landon, Dan) to graduate from highschool. Lol, it's kinda cute. And during the spring of 2004 The Spill Canvas was off recording their first cd between the usual senior year highlights - although I would beg to differ that their senior year memories are much more interesting than mine ;)
Anywho, songs from their upcoming album will be up on iTunes on the 12th and to put it lightly, I almost peed my pants when I heard some of their latest songs! Whenever I go to their shows I get so happy that they have been so successful - I think a lot of fellow classmates had their doubts but probably the same amount if not more knew they were definitely going somewhere. They have toured with Motion City Soundtrack (my opinion - much better on a recording), OneRepublic and been across to the UK!
Can't wait until they come back home after touring again to play for their hometown - it's always so special!
Here's Gateway Drug video:
Click here - ALL OVER YOU live ... at a show in Sioux Falls - hometown :) I get so excited to see 'em and get that warm fuzzy feeling that only some of my favorite alcoholic beverages can bring on ;)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What's in My Bag :)

My guilty obsession: Youtubing "What's in my bag" :) We have all found ourselves doing it, seeing inside a girl's deep canyon of secrets. I don't know what it is, but I always find myself interested in what is in other females' bags. Maybe to get tips on what is being carried and how to carry it - ahh, who am I kidding?! I'm just a curious lil' peeker ;)

Without further a due, here is what's inside my Zoe. I love WATCHING the videos but I have tried to do videos before and my camera is just not that high-tech :( Plus, I'm such a dork I don't need to have a video up for others to see and remind me of it, lol.

WOW :0 I couldn't believe I had this much STUFF in my bag! I don't feel like it's necessary to list everything so here's a quick/brief run-through ...

Just your average planner (I don't even pretend to be busy enough or important enough to NEED a planner - just starting using when I got my mall job so that I could keep track of all my shifts and on calls.

Earmuffs - lol, I feel like a dork but I use these when I have recess duty. Mom knew I needed them ;)

The deodorant in the ziplock baggy - I CONSTANTLY FORGET to put on deodorant when I'm leaving for work (just always in a rush bc I wait til the last minute to get ready) and remember when I'm in the car @ a red light or later

Lil' Baby Powder - use this in my hair when it gets greasy. I wash my hair 3 times a wk (I shower more than that!) b/c it's so baby-thin that once it's styled I don't wanna mess with it and if I curl it, the curl usually stays for several days

Large Poppy Zip Around Wallet - I do NOT LIKE ZIP AROUND WALLETS nor do I like LARGE WALLETS but for some reason after showing this to dozens of customers during the holiday season I fell in love with this wallet. The rich brown and gold coloring are my favorite and I love the coral Coach tag on the zipper pull. the inside is perfect for checkbook storage and it has a large zipper for coins plus an extra pocket on the back and front besides your slots for cards :)

The other Small Poppy Zip Around Wallet is keeping my camera safe ;) I wanted it and that was my reason for needing it, lol. Actually the card slots on the inside will be perfect for memory card storage/batteries/maybe a cord???

As far as the purple one goes - nothing in it yet, just had to have it. It's a pretty purple jeweled metallic mini skinny & it was the last one ;)

and here is my "make up bag" ... not a cutesy lil' bag like normal - I changed to this clear one that I had received from Lancome b/c when I leave my mall job they have to go through EVERYTHING in your bag and since this is clear I don't even have to open it for them - saves time especially when you are closing @ the mall and you just wanna get outta there as soon as possible ;)

oil blotting sheets - a MUST for me

lil mirror case that I keep my bobbypins & jewelry for work in

Bandaid Friction Stick - looks like a mini deodorant but you rub it on your skin wherever your shoe may irritate your skin and it prevents pain and blisters. I swear by it!

Estee Lauder Pinkberry Lipstick - love the scent of Estee Lauder lipstick and the color is a pinky-nude

Proactiv Advance Blemish Treatment - apply to a bump/blemish and it will reduce the redness and swelling before your eyes - goes on clear so perfect to use daily

Teasing comb from Sally's Beauty - I have one in my bag and one at home. I use this to go through my hair when wet, to style, it's my essential!

Monday, January 4, 2010


It's OFFICIAL! I have finally sold my VS Pink Sweats :) Now I'll be putting up MANY Kathy Van Zeeland bags and some accessories including Versace Sunglasses! Let me know if there is any interest in any of these items so I can keep you updated and perhaps work out a deal for bloggers ;)
I still have to send out the sweats so it will be a couple of days before I list anymore but I wanna get it done by the weekend! It's all so exciting. Going to go through my room one last time before I go to bed tonight to find more to sell :)


Hmm ... where to start? So my boy and I wanted to give my grandparents the Wii game Carnival Games for Christmas but with all my shifts at the mall during the holiday and trying to celebrate Christmas with his family and mine we ran short on time. We had called around to several place to try and locate this game but weren't able to get our hands on the game by the time Christmas Eve came along.

Tonight I found Carnival Games for Wii @ Target! My grandparents are just the cutest thing with their Wii :) They went to help one of their grandsons with his house one weekend, fell in love with Wii and bought one of their own shortly there after! So anyway, if you are not familar with Carnival Games you gotta check it out! It's just like when I use to go to Gigglebee's as a child - an arcade that use to be in my hometown. My grandparents use to take me there a lot when I was little and I remember my grandma LOVED to win me tickets on Skee Ball and that's one of them on Carnival Games - plus balloon darts, shooting ducks, dunk tank, etc.

Getting to the point ... I PURPOSELY PAID for the game IN THE ELECTRONICS SECTION so that I wouldn't be tempted to add more to my shopping basket while walking up to the cash registers. Well, to get back to the front of Target where the cash registers are located, I HAD to WALK BY the MAKEUP section ;)

I had an idea that some kind of markdowns would be on some of the makeup on the end caps - DING DING DING - had I made a bet I would have won! There were several "gift sets" for the holidays from Gemma Kid, Sonia Kasuk, ELF, etc. Immediately I was like, Screw the budget - which has been running through my head a lot lately, lol. I found ELF gift sets which I was super excited about b/c I have never tried ELF but saw the gift sets earlier (they ran for $3 to $10 originally and were now marked down to $2.10 to $7). I caved and bought several ELF sets and a cute lil' Sonia Kasuk mini brush set to keep in my bag.

Oh, and for some reason Maybelline had some of their eyeshadow trios marked down to $2 - something, so of course that was a no brainer ;) I also saw Maybelline's newest shadows Eyestudio Duos and Quads, @ least here in the States the marblized ones that are similar to MAC and Laura Geller. The display of shadows stopped me in my tracks! So beautiful but I couldn't get over how tiny the Quads were! Anywho, I passed on the Eyestudio Duos and Quads - figured, I don't need them now and that Walgreens will probably be doing a "2fer sale" soon ... or so I hope!

So here's the pics of my Target haul ...

I'm very excited to test out ELF and see what all the hype is about. On another note, if there was any question before as to if I was an obessive/complusive beauty buyer the answer is now obvious - my NYX haul that I was impatiently waiting for around Thanksgiving time - yep, not only to I have to still post pics (or take them for that matter) but I have only used the lipglosses! Which I love, the scent is AMAZING!!!