Wednesday, November 3, 2010

HIATUS over ... pulled that outta my seventh grade vocabulary ;)

No excuses here, haven't even been busy ... just wanna get back into the blogging world! I figured this would be a great way for me to experiment with products I already have - trying to rediscover my faves and give life to prior fails :)

AKA I'm on a budget - I had been doing good but Sephora's Friends and Family 20% was burning a hole through my pocket & I finally caved and placed not one but 2 orders via internet tonite. I usually place in $50 amounts to take advantage of samples or numerous freebie codes but tonite I placed one large order and then after digging around on makeupalley (my new love affair). I found swatches of the $10 NARS duo Wicked and Cheyenne and had 10mins to rack up my order to $50. May sound easy but I wanted to keep it as close to $50 as possible and I made it literally without a minute to spare! I kept looking @ the clock, clicking as fast as possible and my order placement was right @ 12:59 am (I had the convenience of being Central Time - worked as a disadvantage to my checking).

Anyway I think I'm going to hold out and do a haul once my box lands on my doorstep ;)

This past wkend was Halloween, just incase you have been living under a rock - my ideas started with everyone telling me to be Jersey Shore's Snooki to Kat Von D (wayyy too light for my skintone) to resorting to my highschool cheerleading uniforms (somewhere between graduatuion and now I got an ass - could button and get on the shell but my butt hung out horribly) and asking guy friends to borrow their football jerseys ... final result???

Drumroll please ... LADYBUG!!! Was completely inspired (& copied for that matter) Dulce Candy's tutorial :) I was all about the makeup and being girly this Halloween and had a blast creating it!

My girlfriend since middle school, Bridget - nothing but trouble when we use to get together back in the day and I'm happy to say NOTHING HAS CHANGED :) She was a Black-eyed 'P' ... she wore a black shirt with a gold 'P' on it and she was so darn cute! The best part of my costume was the makeup ... it was very last minute (I was scheduled to close @ the mall but my lovely manager let me leave early) and one of my coworkers ran around the mall for me looking for lady bug wings - she found child ones @ Claires along with headband antennas for me! They worked but I just wore black shirt and leggings and black heels for the rest of the costume.

P.S. this even surprised me, I had NO RED EYESHADOW in my stash!!! I mean, I don't recall ever wanting one but I figured even last year's Blockbuster Palette by Sephora would have something close ... NADA! So I spurged on a MUFE shadow :( Gotta find a use for this darn thing!