Thursday, May 13, 2010

Target Nite - BULLSEYE!!!

After work I had the urge to do some drugstore beauty shopping! I hit up Walgreens - mainly to look at Wet N Wild's new shadow palettes and then across the street to Walmart. Didn't pick up anything from either places.
I decided to stop in quick to Target in search of some of those beautiful orange stickers ;) Gotta love the end of aisle clearance!
Not much to type about - only found a Maybelline shadow quad in Limited Edition Just Peachy for $2 (very pretty and fresh) and a Swirled Cosmetics kabuki brush for $1.50 that is TDF!!!
The Most Beautiful Set I Have Ever Seen In Target's Beauty Aisle!!!
I have never tried ELF's Studio line but have only heard the best about it. I snatched up so many things I was a lil' embarrassed, lol.
In the end, I settled on
8 Custom Eye Shadows in Sage, Pink Ice, Truly Pink, Dusk, Moondust, Periwinkle, Ivory, Mocha
2 Custom Compacts for ^^^ Custom Eye Shadows
3 Studio 2 in 1 Conditioning Glosses in Perfect Pink, Supermodel, Love It
1 Studio Blush in Mellow Mauve
1 Eyelash Curler
1 Studio Fan Brush
1 Pack of Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths (keep in bag for unexpected overnites, lol)
I believe that's all I grabbed from the ELF section :)
From what I have swatched so far, the shadows seem high quality - very pigmented and these aren't even from the Studio line!
Love the 2 in 1 Conditioning Glosses - already applied 2 of the 3 I bought! Goes on smooth and feels GREAT! Not sticky in the least!
The blush also seems to be great, not too pigmented but definitely buildable ...
Can't wait for tomorrow morning when I get to test some of this stuff out :) It's gonna be hard to decide what I wanna wear!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring Greening Reusable Straw Palette

I'm so excited to talk about Tarte's Spring Greening (cute play on 'cleaning', huh) Palette :)

This is my first time trying Tarte - I actually got the shadows confused with a Lorac palette that I got for my birthday (back in February - review to come) & ordered SEVERAL Tarte products when I saw Sephora had them ridiculously clearanced --- AND CURRENTLY ARE STILL AVAILABLE FOR ONLY $20

Six Shadows, 3 Glosses, & One (pretty good) brush all in a reusuable straw (yet, sturdy) case - that's a mouthful!

I'm gonna talk about the shadows, gloss, and brush bc to be quite honest, I didn't purchase due to the case being 'reusable' lol.

The shadows are GORGEOUS! They are a bit more sheer than I had expected but I'm liking that - definitely NOT Urban Decay nor Kat Von D ... BUT, I'm thinking with a heavy hand you could pop these colors up a bit.

The colors in the picture ^ taken from are VERY TRUE to real life. They are very, oh what am I looking for here ... girly, carefree - gives me that summer feel where anything goes and everything is laidback ;) The colors all compliment each other so well, this is all you are gonna need for eye makeup - I've even used the shadows as liner.

I use primer before applying ANY SHADOW --- but lemme tell you, this stuff lasted throughout a day of work AND a 9hr truckin' drive (to drop off cattle - I've gone country for a man AND I LOVE IT *wink wink) & still looked amazing!

Do have to mention, I was a bit surprised with the size of each shadow - they were slightly smaller than I expected and although I haven't dug hard on Sephora, I'm GUESSING these are NOT FULLSIZE --- but seriously, I have NEVER HIT PAN w a SHADOW ... but trying, lol. I would say they are about penny size.

I will definitely be purchasing Tarte shadows in the future.

The glosses are once again, small but I only needed to dip the wand once (when I pulled the wand outta the gloss) for a full application on my lips! The colors are also true to the picture and are girly and natural - just a tint of color.

It says the glosses have a vanilla scent - MAYBE. I'm not sure if I noticed a scent at all - @ least no chemical scent :)

The brush has a bamboo handle and is really cute. It's NOT the BEST QUALITY but for a brush coming in a kit - I GIVE IT PROPS! I apply a wash of color with it on my lids and brows and then move onto my Sigma brushes for creasing and lining.

Would DEFINITELY SUGGEST to others --- with the price you can't go wrong!

I feel like I'm gonna jinx it by giving it 5 stars so I'm gonna say, for that reason alone ...

****4 stars outta 5