Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pledge your Healthy Skin for the Skin Cancer Foundation

Jergens is promoting a HEALTHY GLOW. If you go to and pledge that you will not subject yourself to tanning beds and promise to achieve a safe summer glow Jergens will donate $1 for each pledge towards the Skin Cancer Foundation! How great is that?! It just takes a simple click for you to help donate $1 to the Skin Cancer Foundation : )

I was estatic to hear about this (actually I have a tube of Jergens self tanner on my nightstand)! I'm a fresh 22 year old and I have been thinking about my past bad habits and how to turn over a new leaf. I have tanned for YEARS and only now taking a serious step towards making my skin as healthy as possible - I have stopped tanning - I can't undo the sun damage I have but I can take an active step in preventing future sun damage.

Go pledge! It only takes a second and you're donating to a great foundation ... because everyone's out in the sun!