Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring Greening Reusable Straw Palette

I'm so excited to talk about Tarte's Spring Greening (cute play on 'cleaning', huh) Palette :)

This is my first time trying Tarte - I actually got the shadows confused with a Lorac palette that I got for my birthday (back in February - review to come) & ordered SEVERAL Tarte products when I saw Sephora had them ridiculously clearanced --- AND CURRENTLY ARE STILL AVAILABLE FOR ONLY $20

Six Shadows, 3 Glosses, & One (pretty good) brush all in a reusuable straw (yet, sturdy) case - that's a mouthful!

I'm gonna talk about the shadows, gloss, and brush bc to be quite honest, I didn't purchase due to the case being 'reusable' lol.

The shadows are GORGEOUS! They are a bit more sheer than I had expected but I'm liking that - definitely NOT Urban Decay nor Kat Von D ... BUT, I'm thinking with a heavy hand you could pop these colors up a bit.

The colors in the picture ^ taken from are VERY TRUE to real life. They are very, oh what am I looking for here ... girly, carefree - gives me that summer feel where anything goes and everything is laidback ;) The colors all compliment each other so well, this is all you are gonna need for eye makeup - I've even used the shadows as liner.

I use primer before applying ANY SHADOW --- but lemme tell you, this stuff lasted throughout a day of work AND a 9hr truckin' drive (to drop off cattle - I've gone country for a man AND I LOVE IT *wink wink) & still looked amazing!

Do have to mention, I was a bit surprised with the size of each shadow - they were slightly smaller than I expected and although I haven't dug hard on Sephora, I'm GUESSING these are NOT FULLSIZE --- but seriously, I have NEVER HIT PAN w a SHADOW ... but trying, lol. I would say they are about penny size.

I will definitely be purchasing Tarte shadows in the future.

The glosses are once again, small but I only needed to dip the wand once (when I pulled the wand outta the gloss) for a full application on my lips! The colors are also true to the picture and are girly and natural - just a tint of color.

It says the glosses have a vanilla scent - MAYBE. I'm not sure if I noticed a scent at all - @ least no chemical scent :)

The brush has a bamboo handle and is really cute. It's NOT the BEST QUALITY but for a brush coming in a kit - I GIVE IT PROPS! I apply a wash of color with it on my lids and brows and then move onto my Sigma brushes for creasing and lining.

Would DEFINITELY SUGGEST to others --- with the price you can't go wrong!

I feel like I'm gonna jinx it by giving it 5 stars so I'm gonna say, for that reason alone ...

****4 stars outta 5

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