Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Know It's Been A While But I'm Glad You Came ...

haha, if you are a Britney fan ^^that^^ should sound familar.

It's been brought to my attention that I have been lacking on blogging and I feel guilty. For me, I have to be in the mood and (of course) have something to blog about. If you saw my bathroom cabinets you would be like, "girl, get blogging!"

Back in November, I dove into NYX Cosmetics - well actually let's call it a Belly Flop w/ a HUGE SPLASH! My order was over 3lbs!!! CRAZY - especially b/c I had NEVER seen/tried NYX before only heard reviews on youtube and through blogs.

Well, I have finally put a dent in some of the products ...

NYX The Caribbean Collection 5 Color Eyeshadow Palette - I Dream of Jamaica

  • HOLY GRAIL --- flippin love this palette *** gorgeous netural/smokey eyes - you can do either with this palette

  • Application is simple and Blending is quick and easy

  • The darker shadows can be used for lining *** one of the shadows can be used as a highlighter & inner corner of eyes

  • Great Pigmentation - a lil' goes a LONGGG way

No joke - I said HOLY GRAIL!!! I have already had scary thoughts about what I would do if I were without this palette.

It goes w/out saying for me that IF I REVIEW SHADOWS WITH RAVE REVIEWS --- Staying Power is Great!!! *** I ALWAYS USE PRIMER before applying shadow so staying power based on the shadow alone I NEVER CONSIDER

***Pics to come!!!

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