Tuesday, January 26, 2010

MAC Foundation ... Help Please!

I need your help! I wanna try some of the sets that MAC has on their website, I don't know if they are holiday sets (so they won't be available that much longer) or ones that are always listed.
I have never swatched or even been in a MAC store so I have no clue what color foundation to get. Currently I wear Laura Geller's Phenomenal Foundation in Medium and Maybelline 24hr Color Stay Foundation in Nude and Stila Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation in shade D ... are any of you a match out here??? What would you suggest for MAC Foundation???
Here are the kits I am looking @: (click on them to be sent to MAC's Website)
Are these sets good deals???


  1. Hey girl :) Okay, so if your gonna start with MAC I would definitely recommend getting the MAC studio fix fluid foundation if your looking for a matte finish for your foundation. I kinda researched around to match the stila foundation that you have and one girl that had the same shade D said the she got the mac foundation in NC42. I have never tried the satin finish foundation that comes with the flawless kit so I can't give you a review on that one. But i do suggest if your going for the matte look to get the studio fix fluid. If your going to buy a separate foundation then the well prepared kit is really good, I've actually only tried the powder and the fix + that comes with this kit but both work really good. I hope I made sense and helped out :) Good luck!

  2. MAC Studio fix is def the place to start! Works with all skin types :)

  3. Aww thanks girls :) When I was writing this up while searching on MAC's website, I was like, ah this is going to be a lost cause!

    I know I should just go have them match me but I haven't a clue where to closest MAC is to me - it's gotta be at least a 4 hr drive. I don't even know if there is a MAC store in Mall of America or somewhere near Omaha.


  4. Yea i know! that's how it is for me! I have to drive an hour to go to the mac COUNTER! the mac STORE is about a six hour drive from me in phoenix! lol


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