Monday, January 4, 2010


Hmm ... where to start? So my boy and I wanted to give my grandparents the Wii game Carnival Games for Christmas but with all my shifts at the mall during the holiday and trying to celebrate Christmas with his family and mine we ran short on time. We had called around to several place to try and locate this game but weren't able to get our hands on the game by the time Christmas Eve came along.

Tonight I found Carnival Games for Wii @ Target! My grandparents are just the cutest thing with their Wii :) They went to help one of their grandsons with his house one weekend, fell in love with Wii and bought one of their own shortly there after! So anyway, if you are not familar with Carnival Games you gotta check it out! It's just like when I use to go to Gigglebee's as a child - an arcade that use to be in my hometown. My grandparents use to take me there a lot when I was little and I remember my grandma LOVED to win me tickets on Skee Ball and that's one of them on Carnival Games - plus balloon darts, shooting ducks, dunk tank, etc.

Getting to the point ... I PURPOSELY PAID for the game IN THE ELECTRONICS SECTION so that I wouldn't be tempted to add more to my shopping basket while walking up to the cash registers. Well, to get back to the front of Target where the cash registers are located, I HAD to WALK BY the MAKEUP section ;)

I had an idea that some kind of markdowns would be on some of the makeup on the end caps - DING DING DING - had I made a bet I would have won! There were several "gift sets" for the holidays from Gemma Kid, Sonia Kasuk, ELF, etc. Immediately I was like, Screw the budget - which has been running through my head a lot lately, lol. I found ELF gift sets which I was super excited about b/c I have never tried ELF but saw the gift sets earlier (they ran for $3 to $10 originally and were now marked down to $2.10 to $7). I caved and bought several ELF sets and a cute lil' Sonia Kasuk mini brush set to keep in my bag.

Oh, and for some reason Maybelline had some of their eyeshadow trios marked down to $2 - something, so of course that was a no brainer ;) I also saw Maybelline's newest shadows Eyestudio Duos and Quads, @ least here in the States the marblized ones that are similar to MAC and Laura Geller. The display of shadows stopped me in my tracks! So beautiful but I couldn't get over how tiny the Quads were! Anywho, I passed on the Eyestudio Duos and Quads - figured, I don't need them now and that Walgreens will probably be doing a "2fer sale" soon ... or so I hope!

So here's the pics of my Target haul ...

I'm very excited to test out ELF and see what all the hype is about. On another note, if there was any question before as to if I was an obessive/complusive beauty buyer the answer is now obvious - my NYX haul that I was impatiently waiting for around Thanksgiving time - yep, not only to I have to still post pics (or take them for that matter) but I have only used the lipglosses! Which I love, the scent is AMAZING!!!


  1. ooohh..nothing is better than when you see those little orange tags!! my heart is pounding just lookin at it!

  2. Aww that's so cute about your grandparents!

    Great deal on the stuff at Target! I will have to check my Target out! :-)


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