Thursday, January 7, 2010

What's in My Bag :)

My guilty obsession: Youtubing "What's in my bag" :) We have all found ourselves doing it, seeing inside a girl's deep canyon of secrets. I don't know what it is, but I always find myself interested in what is in other females' bags. Maybe to get tips on what is being carried and how to carry it - ahh, who am I kidding?! I'm just a curious lil' peeker ;)

Without further a due, here is what's inside my Zoe. I love WATCHING the videos but I have tried to do videos before and my camera is just not that high-tech :( Plus, I'm such a dork I don't need to have a video up for others to see and remind me of it, lol.

WOW :0 I couldn't believe I had this much STUFF in my bag! I don't feel like it's necessary to list everything so here's a quick/brief run-through ...

Just your average planner (I don't even pretend to be busy enough or important enough to NEED a planner - just starting using when I got my mall job so that I could keep track of all my shifts and on calls.

Earmuffs - lol, I feel like a dork but I use these when I have recess duty. Mom knew I needed them ;)

The deodorant in the ziplock baggy - I CONSTANTLY FORGET to put on deodorant when I'm leaving for work (just always in a rush bc I wait til the last minute to get ready) and remember when I'm in the car @ a red light or later

Lil' Baby Powder - use this in my hair when it gets greasy. I wash my hair 3 times a wk (I shower more than that!) b/c it's so baby-thin that once it's styled I don't wanna mess with it and if I curl it, the curl usually stays for several days

Large Poppy Zip Around Wallet - I do NOT LIKE ZIP AROUND WALLETS nor do I like LARGE WALLETS but for some reason after showing this to dozens of customers during the holiday season I fell in love with this wallet. The rich brown and gold coloring are my favorite and I love the coral Coach tag on the zipper pull. the inside is perfect for checkbook storage and it has a large zipper for coins plus an extra pocket on the back and front besides your slots for cards :)

The other Small Poppy Zip Around Wallet is keeping my camera safe ;) I wanted it and that was my reason for needing it, lol. Actually the card slots on the inside will be perfect for memory card storage/batteries/maybe a cord???

As far as the purple one goes - nothing in it yet, just had to have it. It's a pretty purple jeweled metallic mini skinny & it was the last one ;)

and here is my "make up bag" ... not a cutesy lil' bag like normal - I changed to this clear one that I had received from Lancome b/c when I leave my mall job they have to go through EVERYTHING in your bag and since this is clear I don't even have to open it for them - saves time especially when you are closing @ the mall and you just wanna get outta there as soon as possible ;)

oil blotting sheets - a MUST for me

lil mirror case that I keep my bobbypins & jewelry for work in

Bandaid Friction Stick - looks like a mini deodorant but you rub it on your skin wherever your shoe may irritate your skin and it prevents pain and blisters. I swear by it!

Estee Lauder Pinkberry Lipstick - love the scent of Estee Lauder lipstick and the color is a pinky-nude

Proactiv Advance Blemish Treatment - apply to a bump/blemish and it will reduce the redness and swelling before your eyes - goes on clear so perfect to use daily

Teasing comb from Sally's Beauty - I have one in my bag and one at home. I use this to go through my hair when wet, to style, it's my essential!


  1. You have so much cool stuff in your bag, but I really want the bandain friction thingo! Im like so prone to blisters! stupid new shoes.

    I had no idea you had youtube! whats the url/name?

  2. just purchase it at any drugstore - got mine at walmart ;)

    as far as youtube goes im simply a creeper/stalker - no vids, yet


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