Friday, January 8, 2010

like a Proud Momma ...

Where or where to begin ...
Introducing THE SPILL CANVAS, a group of amazingly talented guys from my hometown. They have gone so far already and I'm so happy for them. To make a LONG story SHORT - Nick (lead singer) started out as Spill Canvas while in highschool. His early stuff is amazing, I use to go and support him at our local coffee shops around town - little did I know back then what a boy sitting with up front with his guitar and a small table displaying his burned cds would turn into.
Nick tried the solo thing and another group but waited for 3 more bandmates (Joe, Landon, Dan) to graduate from highschool. Lol, it's kinda cute. And during the spring of 2004 The Spill Canvas was off recording their first cd between the usual senior year highlights - although I would beg to differ that their senior year memories are much more interesting than mine ;)
Anywho, songs from their upcoming album will be up on iTunes on the 12th and to put it lightly, I almost peed my pants when I heard some of their latest songs! Whenever I go to their shows I get so happy that they have been so successful - I think a lot of fellow classmates had their doubts but probably the same amount if not more knew they were definitely going somewhere. They have toured with Motion City Soundtrack (my opinion - much better on a recording), OneRepublic and been across to the UK!
Can't wait until they come back home after touring again to play for their hometown - it's always so special!
Here's Gateway Drug video:
Click here - ALL OVER YOU live ... at a show in Sioux Falls - hometown :) I get so excited to see 'em and get that warm fuzzy feeling that only some of my favorite alcoholic beverages can bring on ;)

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