Thursday, October 29, 2009

Woo Whoo - Friday! aka this month's payday :)

So excited - nonbeauty related reasons, sorry :(

Tomorrow is payday which means:
1. Can finally get my car's oil changed - definitely due and I won't feel guilty driving my car and wondering if it's pastdue.

2. Time to stock up my savings account with some more cushion :) I did a GREAT JOB this summer stocking up my savings account (several thousand, actually) but I have paid several months worth of student loans and when I went to Coach last month I had to dip into the funds a lil' bit.

3. I get paid once a month so each paycheck is well needed and I feel like it's a fresh start! Aaahhh!

Problem is, I have already thought of several makeup "essentials" that I would really appreciate! And there is Sephora's Friends and Family Discount - tough desicions! I held back last month and did NOT purchase the Sigma Pro Brush Set (so many GREAT RAVES on youtube about these brushes! Comparable to MAC?!)

I guess we'll just see how much this check really is before I make any decisions, but I have a feeling tomorrow will be shopping day ;)

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