Monday, October 5, 2009

Kinda like a 1st entry *** a ReBirth if you will : )

Alright so I'm no blogger by any means. I don't even know why I chose to open one of these accounts but anywho, too late to go back now. Even though I haven't posted anything, I am definitely a frequent blogstalker. I follow so many great beauty gals on this thing and it's my guilty pleasure for sure!

Wish List - Christmas is coming up! *I've tossed around the idea of just telling family that I would rather have whatever they were going to spend on material gifts to be given to a _______ what's that word ... foundation, gosh what am I trying to think of ... hmm, that I will come up with later. And if you know me @ all, I will most likely already have purchased this stuff by Christmas. *thought of the word FOUNDATION!

- purse hook I have invested (yes, INVESTED) in several bags in the past year and I baby them like no other. Even named them. Juicy Couture - Juicy Lou and Coach - Zoe. Lil' cookoo, I know. But when you spend that kind of money it's like going through labor to have a kid and you have EARNED the right to name your baby ; )

- several sephora items ... get to that later

Oh, and so excited! On a recent trip to Branson, Missouri I found the greatest lip balm! It's the cutest lil' thing:

***by the way, how the heck do you change the link so it's not the website and just a word??? Back on track, bought it @ a Walgreens and somehow it got misplaced @ work - Most likely, some lil' hands ran off with it but fortunately I have found the website that carries it b/c after checking 2 of the Walgreens I have yet to replace it.


  1. Hihi :3 Thanks for following my blog ♥ I love the EOS lipbalm too! Which one is your favorite? =) Oh and if you want to make a word a link, while you're making the post, just highlight the word and click the "add hyperlink" icon (it's like a little world with a chain link on it) and then type in the url and click ok =)

  2. Omgosh, I saw your blog and was in awe! How do you get the songs on there??? and where did you get the cute blog??? Love it! Oh, and I would have to say that outta the few that I got of the EOS lip balm I'm missing the honeysuckle/honeydew most : ( But just ordered more online so all will be good soon!

  3. I wanna try the honeysuckle honeydewww XD THat's the only one I don't have lol. Oh and I make my own blog layouts =) And I use music players from here:


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