Monday, October 26, 2009

Everyday Minerals???

I am an avid user of powder foundation. Liquid just makes me cringe. Thinking about putting liquid foundation makes me feel claustrophobic and heavy :(

I tried Bare Minerals - without success. Here's my experience with Bare Minerals. I guess the one good thing that did come out of battling with Bare Minerals is that I found out Bismuth Oxychloride is NOT MY FRIEND ;)

Anyways, I wanna try Everyday Minerals. It seems like there is no trace of Bismuth Oxychloride. I'm completely clueless as to what kind of formula to purchase though. I have oily skin but around my nose and chin tend to get a lil' dry with powders. Intensive? Matte? Semi-matte? & are the sample sizes worth the $2.50 plus shipping for the amount you get?

Someone please help!


  1. The free sample kit is well worth it. They lasted me for way over a year actually (I only used little at a time though). My favorite was intensive, since it was really buildable. Semi--matte and Original glo were both similar to me and more on the sheer side. What I really love is their pressed powders though, since they're so convenient! They all do a decent job at controlling shine. I would apply moisturizer to your dry spots before applying powder.

  2. Thanks! I would have definitely purchased a couple of the samples last night but for some reason it kept saying it couldn't ship to me ... hopefully it was a late-night web error


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