Sunday, October 25, 2009

Such a Sucker for Packaging!

I'm constantly receiving giftcards from Victoria's Secret for $10 or $20. Not complaining, just trying to justify my purchases. I'm not an addict of VS makeup, nor do I run to check out their latest from their beauty line. But I have become quite fond of some of their makeup, especially Heidi Klum's Limited Edition (aka: trying to make more people purchase the item) makeup line ;)

I originally walked in to VS thinking I would see if they had any of the blush beads that I had seen in one of the latest magazines ( I would give credit to the magazine but I honestly am not sure what magazine it was. Cosmopolitan perhaps???). The blush beads are very similar to Guerlain's Meteorite beads (Pink Fresh shade) but much more wallet friendly. VS's is only $22.

To my astonishment, the store actually had a full display of the "Heidi Klum Luminous Face Powder Gems". I was beyond excited until I read the list of ingredients (lil' OCD, I know. But I had a horrible breakout/infection from Bismuth Oxychloride) and stumbled upon that B-word! UGH!

The packaging is BEYOND BEAUTIFULLY AMAZING that I actually debated on whether or not to still use my FREE $20 giftcard and pay $2 for the blush beads! Can you believe it, the packaging itself was luring me into possibly having another breakout. I figured for 2 BUCKS I could give it a try but then realized just how "luminous" the beads truely are and decided even if I only paid 2 bucks for something a skin irritation was just not worth 2 bucks.

But FREE MONEY is just that, FREE MONEY that must be spent or it'll burn a hole right through your wallet and most likely through your favorite bag ;) All the items in the new Heidi Klum line are GORGEOUS and I fell in love with the eyeshadow palette. Beyond all else, I am a total eyeshadow junkie.

And drumroll, please. Here are the pics from the much-hyped line :)
My apologies for the poor lighting. I need to figure out the best place to take pics still.

Just the colors alone drew me towards this! Favorite colors, all glammed up with gold and jewels!

The inside: Champagne, Nude, Berry, Violet, Black
The colors are shimmery - especially the berry & violet. The black is the only shadow that isn't shimmery. There was even a card on display that gave ideas on how you could apply the shadow.

The swatches! Don't let my bad picture-taking skills fool you, these are very pigmented and I was really impressed with the staying power. I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance with all eyeshadows b/c I have oily eyelids. I tend to have a lil' less faith with random makeup brands like Victoria's Secret (stores that specialize in something but try and branch out in makeup).

From left to right: (same order as palette) Champagne, Nude, Berry, Violet, Black

I love the colors when blended together. I haven't taken any pics of when I have makeup actually on b/c:
1. I don't feel my camera does the products justice
2. I'm a bit camera shy for now. I'll work on both :)
I really do love this palette the only CON would be the dinky lil' brush it comes with but I'm sure that would be a problem for very few. I actually went back and bought a couple more of their palettes and have my eye on several of their individual eyeshadows. VS's eyeshadow formula is ultra silky, it makes it fun to apply!

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