Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sephora Friends and Family Order Ideas

Sephora's Friends and Family Discount is almost over and I have ran through Sephora's site and made my list!
Originally, NARS Multiple Coffret Set was on it but after reading the reviews I think I'm gonna have to pass. I absolutely am a fan of the powder blush Orgasm but I'm not too sure about the creamy consistency of The Multiple. Plus, the sizes are itty bitty according to the reviews. About the size of your pinky nail for each tube. Not worth 40 bucks for 3 tiny Multiples :(
I'm wanting to branch out and try Benefit Cosmetics. I saw several holiday sets on Benefit's website that I'm lusting over. All but one of the sets is offered on Sephora. I'm thinking of the Celebutante b/c it has SO MANY "BEST" of Benefit in it. Many trial sizes! And then adding in a CORALista Blush and Some Kind of Gorgeous completion perfector - the Sexy Starlet Set includes both & a mascara but really I don't need anymore mascaras, very much so set for quite a while on mascaras ;)
--- Anyways, it would be cheaper to buy just the two and then there's the discount :)
I would also like to try Benefit's Get Even blotting powder. I have been using Stila's Sheer Pressed Powder and am in love but I really don't wanna reorder it. No cons just wanted to change it up a bit. Maybe I should stock up on it ... hmm
I feel like my order is uber boring but I really don't need any more eye palettes and nothing else is really catching my eye.

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