Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Love/Hate Relationship --- UGH!!! Why Can't I GET OVER ...

Bare Minerals. So many women LOVE this stuff and go crazy like it's crack, raving about it. Last fall, I caved and went with a friend (another Bare Minerals user) to a boutique to try out Bare Minerals for myself.

I had been using about 5 or 6 months when I started to develop hard bumps under the skin's surface. Especially on my cheekbones. They would also turn into white bumps sorta like a white head but much worse than your typical white head. I ended up resorting back to Proactiv and having to get on an oral antibiotic to clear the darn mess up.

I used the whole sha-bang: Bare Minerals Foundation, Warmth, Mineral Veil, & the Prime Time make up primer. My friend that had gone along with me to try Bare Minerals only uses the foundation and thought my breakouts could be due to the Prime Time.

I have NEVER had bad acne, even during my highschool days people alway complimented me on my skin. I had been an avid Proactiv user since 2003 (never had "acne" but when you're a teen any lil' blemish can melt your world) but stopped using it in the spring of 2008 because I had heard it was too rough on skin.

Well, now having that scary experience in the past, I would like to keep it there. I use Proactiv again and I am scared to death to use Bare Minerals. I tried using Bare Minerals again this summer b/c South Dakota summers are always so humid and I have oily skin to begin with. I thought Bare Minerals would help absorb some of the oily-ness that the humidity added to my face. After about 2 wks I started to notice some minor blemishes/bumps and immediately threw Bare Minerals to the back of my makeup clutter. And that's where it has remained ever since.

Has any one else had this problem??? I have given it several chances and even for some unknown reason ordered a summer kit off QVC in July. I wanna love Bare Minerals but I have even worn the Prime Time the past two days and have noticed a hard bump on my cheekbone. It could just be a blemish but why take the risk?

Still love other Bare ESCENTUALS products. I have MANY eyeshadows and kits, Buxom Lips, and blushes. After doing some research this past spring, I think I have found that the ingredient "Bismuth" is what sets it off for me. I try and look @ labels now before buying makeup and steer clear of that B-word b/c it's a real Bitch!


  1. Yep, beware Bare Minerals. I've heard many ppl rave about it too but from my knowledge it does contain bismuth oxychloride, a cheap filler that can cause irritation. So I've steered clear from that brand!! Sorry about your skin troubles!

  2. Wow. That has never happened to me and I love mineral makeup. The funny thing is Proactiv is too harsh for my skin...I get a crazy reaction when I use it.

  3. @e.motion in motion - you would be surprised to find out what brands contain bismuth oxychloride! I tried to look for some drugstore foundation and there were so many that I had to steer-clear of because they contain it. Even bronzers and blushes!

    @Young, Fabulous, and Pregnant - yeah, it can be pretty harsh (proactiv)... I only use it at night. I still swear by just using good ol' toothpaste on zits though ;)

  4. Thats so scary! Its amazing that even natural products can fuck up your skin!! I feel bad that you had to find out the hard one :( Thanks for the warning, Ill just stick to my MAC StudioFix :D x


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