Sunday, November 15, 2009

What Color, What Texture ... It's gotta be Kat Von D!

Ahh, I'm sooo excited to talk about Kat Von D's Eyeshadow Palettes. I only wish I would have swatched these babies for you :( I will add swatches later!
I fell in love with Kat way back before she teamed up with Sephora to start her own makeup line. My mom and I watch her on TLC's LA Ink and Miami Ink (before she had her own tattoo parlor). Her taste and style is admirable and eye-catching. Something if I only had the balls to attempt I would. Her tattoos are so detailed ... and her eyeshadows???
Just as amazing!!! Like her sense of style, her shadows appear to be just as in your face and out there. I thought the picture I took of the shadows captured the pigmentation and texture rather well but when I look at the picture below I feel they are represented true to person but perhaps a lil' washed out.
I was hesitant to try out her shadows because even Urban Decay can be a bit overwhelming for me at times but I "earned" enough points @ Sephora through the Beauty Insider Perks to cash in for Kat Von D's Rock N Roll Eyeshadow Palette and thought, "why not?" Let me say, that if you have the Rock N Roll palette or have heard reviews on it - the palettes from Kat's line are completely different in a good way!
The Rock N Roll palette consists of only 4 yet generous pans of color. 2 pearly ones & 2 with shimmer. The texture is a bit silky but nothing to go crazy about. I have worn it for a day and wasn't super impressed but wasn't really bummed either. Was it worth my hard spent cash, er "points"??? Well, I was excited to try it and wasn't interested in Sephora's lil' palette that was also offered so I'm satisfied.
As far as the other palettes of Kat's that are pictured. Three were on a whim with Sephora's Friends & Family Discount and Metal Orchestra (the one I was uber hesitant about) was purchased with the winning bid of $29 on Ebay :)
The True Romance palettes from Kat's beauty line @ Sephora (click here to see) are AMAZING! The texture is super silky which makes them fun to apply! There are mattes and shimmers and most include one cream shadow. All include Lucifer - a matte black that is GREAT for LINING & CREASE/CORNER. Which brings me to the thought that goes into these palettes! Each palette has it's own unique name and each color has it's own name as listed on the back of the palette. Quite interesting lil' names too, I would name them off for you but I don't have a palette near me. The palettes also have 2 lil' double-ended brushes. I find that they WORK GREAT for LINING but that's it.
I always use Too Faced Shadow Insurance but these have great staying power. I tend to not take my makeup off til after midnight (I'm a night owl), which means my makeup has been on for 12plus hours - this is even hard to get off when swiping it with a makeup removing cloth!
I have tried the purples in True Love (last four on the right), Gypsy (first four on the left), and the browns in Ludwig (last four on right) and have been beyond pleased.
Ludwig - kinda your neutral/natural basics ... definitely could be worn to work depending how light of a hand you have
Gypsy - the color between black (first color on the left) and the shimmering pink is very iridescent and beautiful on it's own or blended with other colors
True Love - the purples are VERY PIGMENTED! The purple next to the white leaves kinda a sheen. Oh, and the whites in the palettes are more of a sheen of color, sorta iridescent - plays off of whatever color is blended near it.
Metal Orchestra - this is your "rockin' the blues" palette. I haven't had a chance to try it yet but am excited to say the least!
These shadows are very forgiving too! I was sweeping on a color and it had way more payoff then I thought it would but with my blending brush it just worked its way in with the other colors.
The outside packaging is beautifully decorated with sketches of tattoos. You can see a picture of them in my previous post below.
I say a definite must try even if it means only going to Sephora to swatch the colors for yourself. The palettes are $34 but you can find them cheaper on Ebay. Even for $34 you are getting 8 eyeshadows = $4.25 each ... WOW!
Anyone else tried these?


  1. hey dawl! Omggg I am dying to try her new makeup!!! Swaps asap please! lol. True Love && Metal Orch. look soooo amaziiiing. I asked to get those for xmas :) so you never know! ha. Kat Von' D is amaziiing. She is the sexist girl! I know, her tatts are just the coolest. I have only ONE...but I want more and more and more!!! lol.

    xoxo. tasha mariiiie

  2. I have Beethoven and I love it!

  3. @Rai --- I hesitated with getting Beethoven just because the palettes that I did want seemed to already have a color or two from the colors of Beethoven.

    Really don't think you could go wrong with any of the Kat Von D palettes :)

  4. @TheDreamer xoxo --- you will absolutely LOVE her palettes and if for some reason, Santa doesn't deliver you need to get your hands on one of these if not several ;)

  5. Those eyeshadow palettes look really nice! are very preety colours! I think my favorite is gonna be...METAL ORCHESTRA!!

  6. @Patukii - I haven't used Metal Orchestra yet, it's the most intimidating to me lol - those blues! Currently wearing Ludwig though ... very safe netural colors :)


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