Monday, November 30, 2009

Gotta Show Some Love ...

I am still relatively new to the makeup world. I really got my hands dirty with makeup in spring of 2008 when a friend started working at Estee Lauder's makeup counter @ my Macy's. From there I was led to Lancome, next Bare Escentuals,, etc.

A makeup Guru, I am not (maybe someday) but I do know a thing or two about some of my favorite products. These products that I am going to share for you are my sorta "Holy Grails" if you will. Though @ times I get caught up in all the new sensations in the makeup world and overlook my "go to" products.

First off is Avon's Satin Gel Eyeliner in Black Pearl (black with itty bitty flecks of gold).

***** 5 stars better than any other eyeliner!!!

Avon describes it as "Avon's darkest, richest, most intense eye liner. Soft gel color glides on easily for long-wearing definition." I would have to agree :)

I am NOT AN EYELINER FAN, especially pencils. I just find that they are too harsh for everyday wear. I line my eyes in shadow instead for a softer look. But when I use Avon's Satin Gel Eyeliner I can make it dramatic or soft and this stuff does not budge. I have used Smashbox's Jet Set Eyeliner and although it does the job I like the texture of Avon's better, sometimes Smashbox's tends to flake a tiny bit.

The size of Avon's pot is comparable to Smashbox's but it's a fraction of the price. Avon sells a bent brush to apply with their eyeliner and I find this works amazingly well! Sometimes you can even get the brush included with the eyeliner depending on the promotion.

Avon's Satin Gel Eyeliner offered in Black Pearl, Black/Brown Pearl, & Brown Pearl $7

Avon's Bent Eyeliner Brush $1.99

Next, is Laura Geller's Balance N Brighten

***** 5 stars

Fell in love with Laura Geller when I was watching QVC one night. Granted, I haven't met her and she was on tv trying to sell her products but this woman seems so remarkably GENUINE! I can't even describe. I have a lot of her products and I still continue to watch her whenever I see she is on QVC, even though I probably have the products she is talking about!

Her Balance N Brighten is what launched her line I believe and it's a baked foundation. It is swirls of pigments that are created to match almost any skintone. It is for light to medium coverage and evens out skintone effortlessly. I also recommend using the Baked Powder Brush - it's my favorite to use with Balance N Brighten and works best!

If interested I would highly recommend purchasing the Baked Powder 6 piece Indulgence Set off QVC (I have 2 sets) where you can try:

  • Balance N Brighten foundation
  • Bronze N Brighten powder
  • Ethereal Rose Baked all-over face powder
  • Baked Marble eye shadow duo in amethyst/lagoon


  1. wow the gel liner is super affordable and looks really pretty!

  2. yeah I would say it can definitely hold its spot next to any high-end eyeliner :)


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