Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mail, Mail, Mail ... wtf?!

Recently I went on a sorta rampage ordering things online. First of all, I received my beloved Sigma Pro Brush Set and am in LOVE. I own no MAC brushes (that is what everyone has been comparing these brushes to) but I can tell you, these are amazing and I have definitely been missing out - but more on that later :)
I also bought some things on ebay. I have used ebay MANY times in the past and have had primarily good luck ... UNTIL TODAY!
UGGGGHHHH!!! Let me just get that off my chest. I was super excited when leaving the house this morning to see that the postman was taking an extra amount of time @ my mailbox. I knew that I would have a lil' package waiting for me upon my arrival back home. But *scream inserted here* when I did get back home and cut open the package I found a Benefit perfume (something "Lee Lee") inside! I was so disappointed, outraged that I didn't even take a look at the name of the perfume. I wasn't exactly sure yet what was SUPPOSE to be inside the box I just knew that this is NOT WHAT I BIDDED ON AND PAID FOR!!!
So after going through my inbox and connecting the name of the return address to an email I discovered that I was suppose to receive a huge set of Benefit from this seller which only made my blood pressure boil past any healthy level. So here I am, stuck with this dang perfume and waiting for a reply from this brain-dead seller. This just sucks!
Anyone else had any bad experiences with ebay??? Wait - maybe I don't wanna know until my transaction is resolved and I have my beloved Benefit items craddled in my arms ;)


  1. Yeah. Ebay is definitely hit or miss. Most of the sellers that make mistakes are super willing to work with you though so be nice! They want to make sure their feedback remains pristine. Most of the time I haven't had any major problems. But I've had a few returns or partial refunds because things were either used or so old they smelled (ew).

  2. Oh girl, hopefully the Sigma brushes are top quality. The ones I purchased, well, the handles came off!! I'm thinking of e-mailing them and demanding new ones. I haven't even cleaned them...

    I'm loving your blog, I have to follow ;D

  3. @adelinky - that is horrible about your sigma brushes! How long have you had them? I washed them before using them (only b/c the brochure they came with said so) & have been using them several days.

    @Jeweled Thumb - yeah I contacted the seller and explained the situation without "pointing the finger" at them ... I guess I'll just have to see what happens. I'm a bit nervous :(


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