Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Question for ya ...

Any advice on how to get my Sigma SS187 clean? I have washed my Sigma brushes several times but I wonder if my new foundation (Maybelline 24 hr stay) is the cause of my dirty brush.
This morning after applying my face I decided to quickly rinse it out so it would be ready for tomorrow morning but the brush would not come clean. Tried shampoo (my usual go to cleaner) & some hand soap (naughty) but the tan tone remained on the lighter bristles :(
Maybe this foundation is just not gentle on brushes??? Any advice??? Oh, and have you taken a peek at Urban Decay's latest - Alice in Wonderland palette, check it out here @ THE NOTICE.


  1. Try an oil based cleanser (cleansing oil). That should do the trick.

  2. you know i dont have that problem with my sigma 187 but i do with my mac 187, i use my regular shampoo as wel as the mac brush cleaner and it still leaves it with the peach tint, i hate it


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