Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I feel like I've been slacking ... and unfortunately I still am :(

It's been a long while since I've blogged on here. I haven't been busy with tests/schools and such although I did get another job :) If you followed my posts about a month ago you read that I had an interview that I nailed with Coach (if you didn't see the posts then you never will b/c I took them down - long story) and I have been loving it and very busy working there during the holiday season - Black Friday was CRAZY FUN working @ Coach :)
Anywho, I have an outrageous NYX haul from I think it was 20 items (really went out there on a lim b/c this was my first ever NYX purchase and I had never seen/touched NYX products). I have only tried/swatched some of the eye palettes and lip gloss (the gloss smells FANTASTIC and the swatches are amazing).
I will go into more detail in a future haul post (have yet to take a pic) but one of the palettes "for brown eyes" is labeled on the outside as "for blue eyes" and another eye palette has a random shadow in place of what is suppose to be in that place, and I opted for "Pop" lip gloss which apparently is a Halloween orange glitter gloss which was not at all how it appeared to be on my computer screen.
Also got a new Coach bag that is a lil' cutie and maybe some more Coach this weekend ;) And then there's Sephora's $20 "gift card" that I would love to use but as mentioned in a previous post I am trying to use up what I have before buying new (with the exception of my NYX haul).
Hope all is well with everyone during these pre-holiday season :) Anyone using their Sephora "gift card" email??? What ya getting???


  1. I love NYX's JEP in French Fries and Ice Princess lip gloss! Can't wait to see your haul! I just discovered your blog and really like it!

  2. Thanks & I can't wait to post my haul ... boy! I am slacking, my two jobs are making it difficult to stay up late and post on my blog

  3. I didn't use my Sephora coupon :-( I'm trying to be 'good' during the Holiday season.

    Michelle (


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