Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Heart-broken ;(

I have decided (very last minute) that I will not be using my Sephora $20 off Gift Certificate. Really don't know how I am allowing myself to walk away from such a great offer.
*ah so just to let y'all know, I did mess around on Sephora.com and tried a few things in my cart. When I went to check out, my offer was not working - didn't say not valid, it's not even the deadline yet. So now even though I wasn't gonna use it, I'm pissed and have written to Sephora.
I'm gonna try and satisfy my beauty urges with drugstore brands. I definitely have my own mini-Sephora in my bathroom, or at least my collection of products will last me for quite a while.
The only thing is that there is always new advances in makeup - different products, techniques, looks, etc that it's gonna be difficult but I'm making a vow to not buy anything until at least my birthday @ the end of February. The whole idea that was discussed in an earlier post about finishing a product/hitting pan and then being able to buy something else @ that used up product's retail value isn't going to work for me - I just have too much!
I'm bummed that I have let myself indulge too much, although I love all my lil' beauty goodies I could do without many :(
A brightside to all this fuss, MORE REVIEWS, COLLECTIVE HAUL PICS : ) This blog will still be a-buzzin' & I will post like crazy - especially with Holiday break coming up! My afternoon job is with an elementary afterschool program so if school's out I have more free time!

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  1. Oooh, I definitely know that feeling. I've more than enough haul and have a bunch of stuff sitting in my make up drawers that haven't even been used yet. Am trying not to haul until the New Year and hold out for as long as I can...


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