Saturday, September 3, 2011

TheBalm Has Hit!

There's much hype going around about TheBalm's Muppet Palette - a quick check on Facebook and one will find countless comments asking, 'Has the second batch of palettes been sent?' 'I have #174!' 'Where can I order The Muppet Palette?'

If you aren't wanting to pay a house payment for one (no joke, check ebay!), take a deep breath because TheBalm has come out with another palette The Balm & The Beautiful. Themed after cheesy soap operas, The Balm & The Beautiful has the EXACT SAME SHADOWS, CHEEK COLORS, & LIP COLOR as The Muppets. Same goodies inside just different packaging :)

At this moment there isn't any way to order the much sought after Muppet palette and The Balm & The Beautiful isn't even on TheBalm's website yet BUT hold onto your brushes! TJ Maxx & Marshalls have been rumored to have The Balm & The Beautiful!!!

How? Well, I'm not quite sure - & to be frank, let's not dwell on it because these babies are hard to find! I found 2 @ my local TJ Maxx tonight - even thought I snatched it up (quicker than a squirrel hiding his nuts) I'm pretty sure my heart stopped. BUT WAIT! That's not it!

TJ Maxx has been housing (more like hoarding) quite the collection of TheBalm. I found an entire shelf almost completely filled with TheBalm skincare, tinted moisturizers, eye makeup remover, blush sets, single loose shadow, & (another not yet released palette) Meet Matt(e).

The 2 palettes I was able to find were not yet dirtied by selfish swatchers but the only thing I did find was some shadow residue - similar to that of pictures that were being thrown on Sephora's site of the Urban Decay 'nightmare' when they tried to keep up with the demand of The Naked Palette. There is also a grease stain by one of the lip colors - almost looks like they filled it too full and some was wiped away from the side of the pan. All things I can definitely deal with and nothing that looks as if it was tampered with. My guess is that these unreleased palettes are just ones that were a lil' sloppy and didn't make the cut for the website.

By this point, you should have brushes in hand, jumping with excitement - or have already googled the above mentioned palettes to figure out what the heck they look like ;) I realize this post is meaningless without pictures and I assure you they will come - TOMORROW :)

For now, get some rest so you can dart into your TJ Maxx or Marshalls first thing!

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