Sunday, April 24, 2011

Brush Love

When I was first in the making of becoming a makeup junkie I was introduced primarily to only higher-end makeup and discovered drugstore finds via youtube or here. Brushes were something that I never splurged for (only owned ones that had come with Gift with Purchases or sets) until I bought Sigma's first Complete Brush Set.

I have since become familar with ELF's Studio Line due to Target expanding their ELF section :)

These are the brushes that I love on a daily basis ...

ELF Studio Powder Brush - I simply LOVE this brush. It's labeled 'Powder' but I use this as a liquid foundation brush as many have recommended. It's super soft and yet dense enough to apply liquid foundation flawlessly.

ELF Studio Complexion Brush - I use this to apply MUFE HD Powder to set my foundation and after I am finished with my makeup to distribute UD All Nighter. Again, all the ELF Studio brushes are synthetic and surprisingly soft @ just $3 a brush!

ELF Studio Blush Brush - A little bit smaller than I would like but it's perfect at building up blush on the cheeks. I have backups of all the ELF Studio brushes that I have mentioned.

The other 2 brushes are by Sigma and these happen to be the first run (SS-219 & 224) of their eye brushes. They have since changed the way they name their brushes.

Sigma SS219 - Perfect for applying and blending in the crease shadow up into the brow bone. I have even used this to set Benefit's Powderflauge under the eye area. This one has been shedding on me - as to all Sigma brushes & I do have the new version of it.

Sigma SS224 - I have yet to find a dupe for this one! I use this to smudge out pencil eyeliner. It's tapered and stiff enough to do the job with ease.

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